Re: Please, make order in keyboard languages configuration or add Gswitchit before GNOME 2.4

On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 05:26:59PM -0400, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 03:54:44PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > 
> > One thing we might consider is dropping in Ximian's new capplet for
> > this. It should appear on Monday, feature freeze is also Monday, 
> > but we could cram it in there.
> Sorry to disappoint but the capplet is little more than a wrapping
> of the existing gkb prefs dialog.  I've got more extensive plans for
> merging the mechanism into gnome-settings-daemon, we'll see if it
> can land before feature freeze.

That would be good. Dave already told me it was just using the gkb
backend, but we don't have to fix everything at once. Would be fine to
get the setting more visible now and fix its backend to use Xkb later.


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