Re: Please, make order in keyboard languages configuration or add Gswitchit before GNOME 2.4

Actually, there is a strange story about gswitchit (for me it is a bit
bitter but let personal things stand aside:).

It was included into 2.4 app list. Then, it was excluded with some foggy
explanations about non-compliant UI (I cannot really claim these
accusations were false - they just did not contain any details I could
use as hints for improvements) - and absolutely correct notion that it
does not work with non-xkb X servers (I confirm that it should word with
any X server supporting xkb - just fill bugreports in case of problems).
Then, Jeff called for some UI review - and noone cared to perform one
(or publish results?). And now I am suddenly finding out (from Havoc's
responce) that instead of using gswitchit (correct me if I am wrong
here) GNOME is going to fix gkb-xkb backend - which is good thing itself
- but it hasn't been done in course of all these years starting from
GNOME 1 (actually, I would not start gswitchit if gkb would love xkb at
that time) - so who can guarantee GNOME core team (mostly English
speaking and typing AFAIK:) will find some spare time to do it by 2.4?

Sorry, probably this message sounds too scandalous but I just really
would love to hear some statement from GNOME maintainers about keyboard
i18n policy. GNOME is really great in unicode rendering department, so I
was always surprised why noone really cared about proper xkb support. In
order to display Russian characters, one probably first wants to input

Actually, what I'd propose is to have quick meeting at GUADEC and
discuss this. How does this sound to you, Havoc?


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