Re: Please, make order in keyboard languages configuration or add Gswitchit before GNOME 2.4

>  1. I'm just repeating something earlier in the thread - 
>     someone else linked to a bugzilla bug which says 
>     the gkb maintainer wants to use libxklavier
Well, if that's what you meant - I see the point here. The question (not
to you, but to gkb maintainer) is whether gkb will make it (adopting
libxklavier) by 2.4. If not - probably gswitchit should be included, as
it was asked by the thread initiator. Otherwise, GNOME 2.4 will not be
fully xkb friendly...

>  2. I don't make the decision anyhow
:) You have weight here. You can influence. So your _opinion_ (if you
express it) is a bit more than just your personal opinion:).

> Well, I don't think I'm the person you need to talk to. You need to
> talk to people who use i18n keyboards, the control-center maintainers,
> and the gkb maintainer. And the people who raised issues with
> gswitchit earlier.
OK, here is a call.
I would be happy to see Shooby (AFAIK he is dealing with gkb), Jody (he
is the Control Center man, isn't he?) and any other people interested in
discussion related to GNOME and national keyboard layouts. Lads, are you
interested in such a discussion? Any ideas about date/time/place during
GUADEC would be welcome.


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