Re: Moving --> ?

sön 2003-06-08 klockan 21.53 skrev Fernando Herrera:
> 	So I've added support for reading version from .desktop file in
> bug buddy. For make this working, the next change is required in _all_
> modules:
> 	move * to
> 	add * to script AC_OUTPUT
> 	add X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version= VERSION@ to 
> 	then, intltool will add translations to file as
> usual, but containing the package version. The same applies to bonobo
> .server files

Translators need to be able to translate directly from CVS sources by
only using intltool-update, and without needing to build the whole
thing. So in order to keep it that way, the contents of must
always point to files actually present in CVS, and not files that are
generated later on.

So unless you also change the listed entries in
to at the same time, doing translation work from CVS
sources without building would not work, and we have a problem.


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