Re: gconf keys in vendor patches

On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 19:46, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Adding vendor-specific patches is fine, but this is not an OK name for 
> the setting:
>   /apps/metacity/general/animation_style
> This is the proper way to name it:
>  /apps/metacity/sun_extensions/wireframe_move_resize

or perhaps we should just /apps/metacity/extensions-x/
as a play area for such patches?  i.e. in this case, is it Sun's or
Ximian's ? ;-)
> If I ever add this pref officially, I will probably use the name
> animation_style (as it's the obvious name) and I will probably not
> have the same possible values as the ximian patch, which means 
> stuff will break.
> Havoc
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