Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

On a related note about .server files, and I think this is sort of where
Eugenia is trying to go is, while the .server file needs to be in a
spacific directory, a .so plugin does not need to be in a spacific
location. So there is two parts to a plugin. A .server file and a .so
file. One of the things that was very nice about MacOS < X (and maybe X, I
havent used X) was that you could put an extention in (one file) a
special directory and it was registered. And when you were done with
it, you just removed it from the directory. Maybe an extention library
could be added to bonobo(-activation) so that a .server file could be
described in a .so file (Maybe as a function??) and have a program that
pulls out the .server and registers it with bonobo-activation. (hmm...
this sounds familior. Doesnt activex do something like this...). Then
have nautilus have a special directory for plugins such that, if you
place a .so file in that directory, it automatically registeres the plugin
and when you remove it, it unregisteres it. This would add functionality
similar to what MacOS has. Also, since its not nautilus spacific, it
would also be an easy way to install plugins for other bonobo-activation
programs. (Maybe gedit?)

---  Bob Smith <bob thestuff net>  ---

On 9 Jun 2003, Dave Camp wrote:

> On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 17:21, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> > > It appears to simply register its existence with the .server file that
> > > has been mentioned (once you take out the translations it is more
> > > legible), and then 200 or so lines of code that simply receive a list of
> > > files, generates a command line and calls file roller.
> >
> > I am sorry, but this is just not elegant. Creates a command line?? Archaic!
> > It should be handled by the messaging protocol in Gnome! Personally, I don't
> > feel comfortable creating a huge command which includes 1689 of my 2423
> > files on my /usr/bin to do anything, e.g. ...
> > BeOS passes a list of internal filesystem references to the addon, and this
> > is much faster than passing filenames around via the command line. There
> > should be integration with the underneath system on Gnome as well.
> file-roller's plugin builds a command line after receiving the file list
> through bonobo.  The context menu plugin interface does not rely on
> command lines.
> -dave
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