sön 2003-06-08 klockan 23.54 skrev Sergey V. Oudaltsov:
> Probably, at this point it is a bit late to organize separate BOF. But
> there is GNOME I18n BOF held by Christian on Tuesday. Could we merge our
> problem into it? Christian, what do you think?

Sure. Shouldn't be impossible to merge in. I hope we don't get kicked
out of the building by 18:00 when our time has ended. :-)

As a shameless plug for the I18N BOF itself, I'd like to see both coders
and translators there. Glade/GTK+/intltool developers are especially
welcome, as most of the discussions probably will be in those areas.

Day 2, 17:00-18:00, in the Ui Chadhain Theatre. See you there. :-)


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