Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

>If people are downloading addons from a Freshemat like site, they aren't
>going to be downloading a single .so file, it will be either a source
>package or a pre-built binary.  BeOS didn't, and MacOS doesn't, have to
>worry about compatibility across multiple hardware and OS platforms like
>Gnome does.

Yeah, but the existance of the .server file doesn't make anything easier,
does it? Not even for the packager.
I believe that the .server file is completely reduntant. The whole thing
should be handled automatically when installing/dropping the compiled binary
on a specified dir on the system or on your ~

>For a non-root user to install an add-on, they can create a directory
>~/.gnome2/bonobo, then set BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH=~/.gnome2/bonobo and
>drop their .server files in there.  Although, it would be nice if Bonobo
>looked at a directory in the user's home directory like this anyway.

This is far from user friendly, the user has to do manual steps just to
install an addon. And this is so specific information that I don't think it
is covered on any help files, does it?

You keep telling that "if the user do this and then this and then that, it
will work". While the user should only do a single step, even if a package
is available for him/her. Everything should be simple.

>The locations of things get determined by wonderful things like configure
scripts and  pkg-config.

The fact that a complex configure script can help the situation, doesn't
make the whole situation any simpler. I hope developers adopt simple
techniques that don't require a configure or similar complex addon tools to
do the job for something that should have been simple in the first place.
Neither I consider Configure "wonderful". It is the most bloated, ugly piece
of utility I have ever seen. Even if it can help cross-platform development,
it doesn't make it more elegant. But that's a different discussion. ;-D

>You can get my Open Terminal Here... Nautilus component from here:
>Do the usual ./configure && make && make install
>Right click on a folder in Nautilus, and then select Open Terminal

Cool. Any way to change Nautilus to not place all that in the context menu
though? Instead to retire the "SCripts" folder and create a new one

>Only 19 more to go....

/me goes to Safeway to buy lemons and eggs for the lemon pies. :-)


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