Re: Big Panel menus (32x32)

Alan <alan ufies org> writes:

> Of course, if/when the xrandr capplet gets put in and the gnome desktop
> has a bit better control/recognition of the desktop resolution, the menu
> size, as well as icon and panel size could be adjusted dynamically to
> the "best" size for that resolution.  

It's in.  We can't count on it though because most lcd panels (like
Laptops) can only handle one or two resolutions, at most.

> How about an option to scale the sizes dynamically based on the 
> resolution, or have it as a start up option 

That's possibly a much better idea.

> "would you like gnome to adjust icon and menu sizes to the
> optimal setting for your screen resolution?  you can adjust these by
> going into the menus and toolbars settings in your control panel"

This option is definitely going into the control-center. (-:

> Note to self: email GDD list to see if a first time wizard is
> wanted/needed.

This has been rehashed a couple times and we've not wanted it every
time.  You can look through the archives for the reasons.

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