RE: GNOME Nirvana; How to reach it and what to do once we get the re. (Addendum)

> From: iain [mailto:iain prettypeople org] 
> On Fri, 2003-06-13 at 07:03, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > I'm repeating myself. People who are not maintainers do not seem to
> > understand how the GNOME release process works, or why it 
> is necessary. 
> It is only necessary in the "We're a total desktop solution" paradigm.

I don't think "Total" has anything to do with it. If you don't like the
scope of the release sets then talk about redefining them. A lack of release
sets is not much of a solution. Yes, I know I'm oversimplifying.

> But there's no reason why one of the criteria to move a step is
> "Commitment to being ready for the gnome release schedule".

But being part of a release set is more than just a commitment on the part
of the maintainer. It's a commitment on the part of everyone else - the
release-team, the translators, the documenters, the accesibilitizers.
There's a reason why 5th Toe is less cohesive than GNOME Desktop and it's
not just a matter of the name or the website domain.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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