Re: [Usability] New way of accessing software (WAS: Re: Big Panel menus (32x32))

Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:


In the three mockups below (please note that these mockups are just mockups
to show the logic, don't pay attention to icons, fonts, organization,
KDE-based etc, I did those many months ago),  you will find a new concept of
organizing menus and work evenly. Here is the logic behind it:

When people are using computers, they always use them in one of these three
1. Configure the environment. (just an old mockup:
2. Launch applications. (work in progress: and
3. Load and process files. (files should have the same window launcher as
the apps above, but with options regarding files instead of apps, depending
on the MIME type)


I know that these mockups are not shown clear what I mean, sorry for this.
Please reply if you have questions. I made these mockups some time ago and
some things have actually changed since then. It is not a fool proof
concept, as I said, I have changed my opinion on some of the things shown
there with time, it was still work in progress when I stopped thinking too
hard about the whole thing, so please be nice. :)

I just had a brief look after reading your interesting mail, so this isn't exactly a well argumented review :) Many ideas, lots of stuff to consider. At a first glance I'd say that the Launch applications menus are a little too XPish and complicated for my tastes (just a little, mind you).

But the interesting thing is that if we want to move from the traditional, hyerarchical menus we already have a working testbed for this: Marco's new bookmarks system in Epiphany. After reading Eugenia's mail I was struck by the similarities and, if that's the way to go, it would be really nice to have the same/near identical system for the desktop and the web browser.

Hope the people meeting at Guadec will ponder on this ...


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