Re: Gnome-ppp x Mandrake

Hello Tiago,

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, Tiago Cruz wrote:

> My name is Tiago, I'm live in Brazil and I love Gnome!!! :-)

Nice, congrats. ;)

You should know however that this list is meant for developers and not for
questions like these. You may want to check out next

> I'm a (un)happy user of a winmodem (Agere) and I used a gnome-ppp in some
> distros, like Conectiva box.

You mean you actually are one of the five people around the world who have
gotten gnome-ppp to work properly?

> In the Mandrake box, after relase 9.1, the gnome-ppp don't is part of
> gnome-network...

In Mandrake you're supposed to set up your internet connection with the
drakconnect wizard. Alternatively, you may want to try KDE's kppp, which
is an excellent dialer.


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