Re: Gnome-ppp x Mandrake

Le ven 13/06/2003 à 19:45, Tiago Cruz a écrit :
> Hello people!
> My name is Tiago, I'm live in Brazil and I love Gnome!!! :-)
> I'm a (un)happy user of a winmodem (Agere) and I used a gnome-ppp in some
> distros, like Conectiva box.
> In the Mandrake box, after relase 9.1, the gnome-ppp don't is part of
> gnome-network...

We removed gnome-network package from Mandrake Linux 9.1 because it was
really old programs (GNOME 1.0 stuff) and gnome-ppp wasn't working
properly.. You should use either drakconnect or kppp.

Frederic Crozat - GUAD4C Powered

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