Unbreaking the gnome clipboard

Right now in gnome, IMHO, the clipboard is broken. You can't
copy something into the clipboard, close the program, and then
paste. This is really frustrating. What's worse is that all
we need to fix this is a simple deamon running in the background
that manages the clipboard. And what's even worse is that one
already exists:


Gcm includes a clipboard manager ui (not very important IMHO),
and a clipboard managment deamon, which goes a very long way
to totally fixing the clipboard. I know it's probably way too
late to start trying to get this included in 2.4 but I just
thought that I should draw people attentio to it, so that maybe 
we could look at "brinking the project closer to gnome.org", and
helping them out with usability et all.


Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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