Re: Unbreaking the gnome clipboard

On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 22:13, Mark Finlay wrote:

> Sorry, I got that idea from one of your posts to the gcm-devel list,
> but i should have just linked to it and let people decide for
> themselves.

Yes, well..

It's true that I do have decided to do this Gcm.Net thingy. But that
does not mean that I wan't to quit taking care of the old C code ;-).

I just don't think that any new features should go in that version
(network transparancity and an XML interface to let clients talk to the
deamon). And when reading most complaints about the current version of
gcm everybody thinks that gcm is bloated already anyway.. so.

Well, again.. I invite everybody to join the development efforts of gcm.
I invite everybody to create a patch that makes the current version of
gcm what everybody wants. And I invite everybody who wants to seriously
take a look at the code of gcm to ask me for CVS-access.

Philip Van Hoof, Software Developer @ Cronos
home: me at freax dot org
work: Philip dot VanHoof at cronos dot be,

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