Re: [PATCH]: Improving gnome-panel-screenshot

Why not just add a button for the user to click on the window to
screenshot just like gimp? This seems the most logical and useful thing
to me.


On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 20:41, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 12:54:28AM +0200, Daniel Borgmann escribió:
> >Hello,
> >that's a great thing. :) However a question, what happens if the panel
> >is active when the button is pressed? And isn't the panel always active
> >when the user activates the menu item (making it practically a hidden
> >feature again)? Would it be possible to focus the previously active
> >window before taking the snapshot?
> 	When the button is pressed (Take an screenshot Action item), it
> closes and executes gnome-panel-screenshot. But the screenshot is taken
> from the window the cursor is over, not from the active window.
> 	Currently take an screenshot from a window is only possible
> using ALT + Print Screen and not using the menu item.
> 	With the "both" screenshots patch, it is possible to take also
> using the menu item, but you will get the first window where you moved
> your mose over as the "window screenshot".
> 	In the real world, if an user wants a screenshot, he should use
> the Print Screen key, because is the only sane way to select/move over the
> window. The other possible approach is the tipical "Take an screenshot"
> dialog where you have a delay entry and the dialog hides. But this way
> is overcomplicated.
> 	Maybe we can show the user the Print screen magic adding a
> lamp-tip (ie: a beatiful lamp picture and a text saying "You can take
> also an screenshot pressing Print Screen key").
> 	Also, I've just found a bug in the screenshot program.
> Bugzilling it...
> Salu2
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