I18N Keyboard in GNOME: after GUADEC

On GUADEC, I18N BOF (held by Christian) there was a good discussion
about i18n keyboard management and interested people agreed it would be
a good idea to include gswitchit into 2.4. Also, Jody kindly agreed to
do something about UI review. BTW, Jody, could you please let me know
when approximately it could happen?...

Now I am starting to polish the tool to make it as good as it can be by
September (well, assuming that the review will give positive results:).
The only question which I would like to ask release managers is related
to the feature freeze (which suppose to have happened June 9). There is
a "layout preview" feature which heavily sux in all the latest releases
(because I was not sure what would be the best way to handle it) - and
on the meeting it was decided that it would be ok to popup the
BonoboWindow with the preview. So the question is - would this small
change break the feature freeze - or could it be considered as "minor
feature change":)?



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