Re: [PATCH]: Improving gnome-panel-screenshot

Hi Fernando,
	Thanks much for looking into this ...

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 18:14, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> 	Hi!
> 	This patch comes after some GU4DEC discussion about
> gnome-panel-screenshot.
> 	Just now, our implementation takes a screenshot of 
> the whole Desktop, but if --window parameter is passed in 
> the command line or ALT or SHIFT is pressed with PrintScreen
> key, the screenshot is only of the window the mover is over.
> 	This is a really hidden feature and not very usable.
> With this patch, both screenshots are taken, one from the whole
> desktop and one from current window. Then the user can select
> the one he really want. Also this is very useful, because until 
> you see the final screenshot you are not sure what do you want.
> 	Here is the current one:
> 	and here the one with this patch applied:

	I see a couple of issues with what you're proposing:

	+ Its potentially confusing for the utility to take two screenshots
when the menuitem says "Take a screenshot".

	+ With the difficulties involved in actually selecting a window for the
window screenshot, I think the feature will be really difficult to use.
Certainly, I find it unlikely that any person using it for the first
time will get it right.

	One way we could try to get around these problems is to present a
dialog before taking the screenshot offering to take a screenshot of the
entire desktop environment[1], a window (which you would actually select
by clicking on it) and allowing a delay ... What I don't like about
this, though, is that I think that gnome-panel-screenshot should aim to
be a really simple tool where you just hit the button and its done.

	Another way, (I think this was in Alan Cooper's "The Inmates Are
Running The Asylum") is to allow the screenshot to be cropped using grab
handles on the edges of the screenshot.

	So, hmmm ....


[1] - I'm trying to use the terminology suggested by Pat and co. ...


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