Re: [PATCH]: Improving gnome-panel-screenshot

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 01:41, Fernando Herrera wrote:

> 	With the "both" screenshots patch, it is possible to take also
> using the menu item, but you will get the first window where you moved
> your mose over as the "window screenshot".

Hmm, that is a drawback, hadn't really thought it through that far
before I posted my last message :)  I guess the simplest option would be
to have separate Desktop Screenshot and Window Screenshot menu items if
we thought it was important to offer both up-front.  Or as other people
have said, just do it the GIMP way and pop up a dialog first offering
window/region snapshot modes, but with the desktop screenshot already
taken in case that's just what the user wanted.

> 	Maybe we can show the user the Print screen magic adding a
> lamp-tip (ie: a beatiful lamp picture and a text saying "You can take
> also an screenshot pressing Print Screen key").

The docs guys would have something to say about that I suspect :)


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