Re: [PATCH]: Improving gnome-panel-screenshot

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 18:14, Fernando Herrera wrote:

> With this patch, both screenshots are taken, one from the whole
> desktop and one from current window. Then the user can select
> the one he really want. Also this is very useful, because until 
> you see the final screenshot you are not sure what do you want.

Neat idea, I like it, although the layout probably needs some thought. 
I hope it will still default to "desktop screenshot" if you open it by
pressing PrintScreen, and "window screenshot" if you open it by pressing
Alt+PrintScreen, though?

Now all we need is timed capture, Open With options to correspond to
those in Nautilus for PNG files, and the ability to capture a particular
region of the screen and it'll almost be useful again :oP

BTW, I'd be interested to know how many people actually use the "save to
~/public_html" option, it always struck me as a bit unnecessary-- don't 
people usually want to save to a sub-directory of public_html if they
use it at all?  And even if they don't, they only need to type it once
and it will be remembered in the history dropdown.  (Or maybe if the
folder exists for a given user it could be forced to always appear in
the history dropdown, but that hides the feature a bit.)


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