Re: Policy with adding a module to GNOME CVS

Am Fre, 2003-06-20 um 20.51 schrieb David Adam Bordoley:
> Whats the policy with adding a module to gnome cvs? I have little panel 
> applet, that i use to open web pages with other url type thingies. It uses 
> gnome_vfs_url show. I have some other plans for it as well, such as 
> integrating it with epiphany's bookmarks (Marco has offered to help here), 
> smart resolution of text entry (tries to create a url if the user provides a 
> partial address etc.). perhaps support filesystem searching if medusa can 
> support natural language searches. Would it be appropriate to put this in 
> gnomecvs? If so what should the module name be? Currently I'm using 
> OpenApplet (its an applet you use to open stuff with, yes this is lame). Is 
> this acceptable? Is gnome-open-applet better? 


  Regarding the name bookmarklet i'd like to add some things I think
about it. It would be great if we could have a gnome-wide bookmark
management system with an api like »i'd like to have a bookmark-tree
with just http-urls in it« (webbrowser) or »give me the whole tree«
(bookmark management tool or nautilus).

  Just my 2 cents


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