BEAST/BSE version 0.5.3 is available for download at:

This is a quick update to fix crashes upon script initialization
on some systems where short writes can occour.

BEAST (the Bedevilled Audio SysTem) is a graphical front-end to
BSE (the Bedevilled Sound Engine), a library for music composition,
audio synthesis and sample manipulation. The project is hosted at:

This new development series of BEAST comes with a lot of
the internals redone, many new GUI features and a sound
generation back-end separated from any GUI activities.

The most outstanding new features are the track editor which allowes
for easy selection of synthesizers or samples as track sources, loop
support and unlimited UnDo/ReDo capabilities.

Note, the .bse file format hasn't fully stabilized yet, so
incompatibilities with future versions may occur, though we're
making every possible attempt to maintain backwards compatibility.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.5.3:

* Seperated core plugin loading from LADSPA plugin loading
* Fixed memory leaks in various places
* Added child process (bsesh) error monitoring
* Fixed bsesh (script) communication for systems with short writes


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