Release Team Meeting Minutes, June 25th

It's been a long time since we did this, sorry :) Our once-faithful
secretary left and we've been a touch disorganized since then. You can
all blame Captain Printman[1] for this particular version.

*Glynn, Luis, Murray, Jonathan, Mark


*Jeff, Kjartan

Items discussed today:
*Luis lost minutes of last meeting, so some action items possibly fell
through cracks. This is what Luis gets for using pen and paper.

*feature freeze email- decided it's OK to send without the new module
list, as long as we explicitly state exceptions. Should remind everyone
that 2.6 is not long off :) 

*2.3.3 and module list are blocking on Jeff, so we have to wait for

*gswitchit and inclusion in 2.4. This has been an ongoing topic of r-t
discussion for some time now- we understand it's a serious problem for
many GNOME users, and we badly want to get this right for all parties
involved, so lots of bits have gone back and forth.

*Iain's GNOME Nirvana email- generally agreed that it's something that
at least needs to be seriously considered, but discussion needs to occur
on public lists instead of closed meeting. Luis to actually read it,
finally :) 

*UI Review. Murray is going to try to spearhead this, and the focus will
be on the new modules so that we can get them as GNOME-ish from a
look/feel/behavior perspective as possible.

*Wednesday, 13:00 UTC will be the new, permanent meeting time.

New actions:
*send freeze email (Luis)
*work on final control-center bits for DrWright (JRB)

Actions still pending:
*2.3.3 (Jeff)
*module list (Jeff)

[1]aka Captain Nautilus aka Dave Camp

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