2.4 feature freeze- bring it on

Despite Jeff's absence[1] the desktop should now be considered to be in
feature freeze. This is only newsworthy because we've slipped it. ;) 

Things of note about the feature freeze:
        *control center and gswitchit are excepted until we get the
        inclusion of gswitchit/libxklavier straightened out.
        *Adding Ximian Desktop features is also generally excepted, but
        please ask release-team first and get them in ASAP.
        *Except for the previous two exceptions, this applies to
        everyone in desktop release, including new modules.
        *Yes, we know there isn't a new module list yet :) It's
        basically finalized, but with Jeff AWOL, we can't send it out
        quite yet.
        *We will update the schedule at gnome.org/start/2.3/ as soon as
        2.3.3 is out, but we don't expect it to change much.
        *Possibly most importantly, 2.6 is virtually right around the
        corner. So, if your feature/app/what have you didn't make it in,
        don't sweat it, just hack in a branch until October. :) 

Anyway, I hope this was clear- please ask us if there are any questions.

Happy hacking, I mean bugfixing ;)-

[1] He's disappeared, somewhere in Ireland. Yes, I'm serious. He was
last seen yesterday headed towards .au by way of Cork. Godspeed. :)[2]

[2] Man, I miss footnotes.

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