RE: 2.4 feature freeze- bring it on

> From: Luis Villa [mailto:louie ximian com] 
> Despite Jeff's absence[1] the desktop should now be 
> considered to be in
> feature freeze. This is only newsworthy because we've slipped it. ;) 
> Things of note about the feature freeze:
>         *control center and gswitchit are excepted until we get the
>         inclusion of gswitchit/libxklavier straightened out.

For non-english speakers, that "excepted" means "this email is not relevant
to those things", rather than "accepted". Just thought I'd say that in case.
Sorry if it was unnecessary.
>         *Adding Ximian Desktop features is also generally 
> excepted, but
>         please ask release-team first and get them in ASAP.

Let's not go too wild with this. For instance, the Ximian-MacOSX-style
control panel isn't likely to go in at this stage. But the guys who are
doing the merging are the ones who would be influencing those decisions
anyway, so they don't need me to tell them.
Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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