Re: 2.4 feature freeze- bring it on

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 10:15, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 15:02, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Despite Jeff's absence[1] the desktop should now be considered to be in
> > feature freeze. This is only newsworthy because we've slipped it. ;) 
> > 
> > Things of note about the feature freeze:
> >         
> >         *control center and gswitchit are excepted until we get the
> >         inclusion of gswitchit/libxklavier straightened out.
> So if I get time for acme integration in the control-center, it will
> have to wait until 2.6? (Note that I'm not saying I have the time, just
> that I might...)

Eek, I thought that was already done :/ 


So, feature freezes suck that way. Acme should have gone in ages ago,
and so we'll have to live with the current sucky state another release,
or we'll end up with what happened with theme-manager in 2.2 (went in
last minute, is still the single crashiest app on my desktop.)

At least, that's my sense, and I'm sticking to it. We're doing short
release cycles for reasons, and this is one of them.


P.S. Hypothetically we're giving DrWright and c-c a pass on this, which
makes me very uncomfortable, but... I suppose it's my job to be
uncomfortable at this time of the cycle :)

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