Re: [2.4 feature freeze- bring it on]

>         *control center and gswitchit are excepted until we get the
>         inclusion of gswitchit/libxklavier straightened out.

gswitchit looks like it has a lot of great features. Its also possibly the
hardest to use piece of software considered for GNOME inclusion that I can
recall, which is ironic because the basic role filled by the software is very
simple. gkb is not exactly an exemplary piece of work itself, but
(particularly after a lot of work by Kevin & Dennis) its to the point that its
reasonable. It looks like the underlying architecture for gswitchit could
provide much better usability than gkb, but right now it'd be a *huge*
regression. The interface needs to be completely redone from scratch, label
fudging and pixel tweaking isn't going to be enough.



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