GNOME in the Real World- Ottawa Hothouse Edition

After the smashing success of GUADEC[1], Nat had a quickie brainstorm
that we should get together again ASAP. Since Ottawa Linux Symposium is
just around the corner, that seemed like an obvious choice. Andrew
Hutton, the very excellent OLS organizer, has been more than obliging
and provided us a meeting room on the 22nd and 23rd at the Les Suites in
Ottawa to hack and meet. Nat, myself, and some other monkeys will be
there; hopefully others will come and keep us company as we scheme to
teach the kernel people the value of a release team and bugzilla[2]. :) 

If you haven't registered for OLS yet, and would like to, the
registration page is at

Last I knew, it was like 99.6% full; hopefully the last 0.4% will be
gnomes. :) 

See you in Ottawa-

[1]See gnomies smashing and/or smashed at <- top row, chewing hard, is me,
eating pants


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