Ottawa - kernel hackers ...

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 19:36, Luis Villa wrote:
> there; hopefully others will come and keep us company as we scheme to
> teach the kernel people the value of a release team and bugzilla[2]. :) 

	I suspect that it would be more worthwhile telling the kernel team that
optimisations for thousand processor NUMA boxes are worse than a waste
of time for desktop users - whose load-pattern is typically a single
thread, gasping for data from the disk most of the time.

	Fancy elevators, improved schedulers, etc. are all very fun but
improving the swap performance[1], and doing more intelligent predictive
read-ahead is what we need surely ? :-)

	Then again - perhaps it's only my machine where you can only tell if
it's crashed or not when the crazy disk activity stops.

	Anyway - Ottawa is certainly a fun conference to go to,


[1] - it's quite amazing to quit X after a long session and see the X
background pixmap re-render from swap: a huge area of flat memory - with
uniform non-use for the last some hours - and the pixels are scattered
all over the disk - hmm, at ~1 block per line it takes the ~10 seconds
(1024*10ms) you'd expect to render. Just killall -9 nautilus to see.
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