RE: [2.4 feature freeze- bring it on]

> Yes, there has been so much discussion recently and there still seems to be
> a very complicated open question remaining, concerning the XKB layous/groups
> functinality offered by different X servers, that this clearly can not make
> the 2.4 cut, in my personal opinion. I think we've done our best to make it
> happen for 2.4 considering how late it was proposed. Hopefully it will be
> worked out in time for 2.6. Just my own opinion, and just my own opinion
> today.
Well, taken that decision on X servers really requires wide discussion,
and considering the idea of overall UI redesign, probably I should offer
NOT inclusion of gswitchit into 2.4 myself (see a croud of Russian users
crying aloud:). Just a couple of remarks - it was not offered too late -
it was just not really noticed till recent discussions:) Also, even if
we postpone it till 2.6 - I think we should continue discussions on UI
and _especially_ X servers - not postpone them till "one week from 2.6
feature freeze". So I you folks don't mind I'd be glad to continue here
(or in usability@)...:)


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