Re: [Re: [2.4 feature freeze- bring it on]]

> My personal view of this is that gswitchit is essentially two things: 
> some code to select which keyboard layout to use (or layouts), and an 
> applet to switch between the different layouts.
Exactly. So 2 things have 2 configuration UIs.

> While switching between multiple keyboard layout groups is fairly 
> specialised, I would expect a lot more of our users would want to be 
> able to select which (single) layout they want to use (assuming we can't 
We cannot I'm afraid. At least not without hardcoding some map.
> make this selection automatically based on the user's locale).  For 
> these people, there is no reason for them to use a layout switching 
> applet, so placing the setting in the applet's preferences does not make 
> sense.
100% agree!

> layouts, and could have close to zero preferences.  It could easily have 
> a link through to the keyboard preferences control panel though.
Yes. That's not a problem.

> One other thing to notice is that the notification icon uses text rather 
> than a flag.  The use of some flags is almost definitely going to offend 
> some people or governments.  For example, the Chinese government doesn't 
> really like the Taiwan flag, and some people don't like their country's 
> flag).  While in most cases it isn't a problem, it looks a bit weird if 
> only a few flags are missing.
Already fixed. Now by default gswitchit uses text. Political correctness
matters here.


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