Re: [Re: [2.4 feature freeze- bring it on]]

> Depends on how it is integrated with the desktop preferences. Probably th=
> e
> biggest single issue with the current gswitchit is the separation between=
> keyboard layout configuration and switching keyboard layouts (its not obv=
> ious
> from the applet how to configure the ... available options). In general,
> point-of-use "configuration" is better than centralized configuration (of=
> course, this can vary based on other factors, but I would say that's the
> general rule of thumb). Is the user going to interact with keyboard layou=
> ts
> anywhere but the switcher? If not... I think there are two basic routes t=
> o go
> with the keyboard layout stuff:
Well, actually, you are missing one important point - the reason why I
introduced 2 configuration UIs. The settings user makes in
xkb-properties-capplet work even if he does not add the applet into the
panel. They are actualized at the session startup. The settings for the
applet are configured separately (in  gswitchit-properties-capplet)
because they work only if the applet is added into the panel. Is this a
sensible reason to have 2 capplets? Actually, I don't mind to merge
interfaces - but I would find it a bit confusing - to explain user which
settings require applet and which not.


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