Re: [Re: [2.4 feature freeze- bring it on]]

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 10:38:15PM -0700, Seth Nickell wrote:
> 1) Put configuration in the control center. Make the switcher not a panel
> object (applet) but a status docklet thingee.
>    Advantage:    Fairly clear how to change keyboard layouts, needs no right
> click
>    Disadvantage: Adds more stuff to the centralized desktop prefs.
> 2) Make it an applet, disconnect it completely from the desktop prefs
>    Advantage:    Point-of-use configuration
>    Disadvantage: Its currently tricky to add panel applets (this needs to be
> fixed anyway, but in a longer time frame), and it won't be obvious that this
> is the way to "change keyboard layout" (in fact, it probably isn't).
> I think (1) is better for now, at least given the current state of
> adding/removing panel applets. It would be nice if (2) could be the preferred
> option in the future, because it would have a very nice effect of reducing
> load on the desktop prefs. ah well.
I don't see (2) as an option at all.  One of the main failing of gkb
IMO is that it is an applet, rather than just a status display.  If
a user adds more than one to a panel they duel.

> Mimicking gkb's interface might also be a
> reasonable place to start (but just to start ;-).

Dear lord NO!
gkb's interface is decidedly non-optimal for the important use
cases.  eg selecting which layout to use from the pref page.
The top element is the current selection, not the current selection.

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