[Proposal] Remove some stuff from Application menu

I think we can [re]move following entries from application menu[1] (note
that they are not applications or break some HIG suggestion)

**Home Folder**
      * Motivations: it's not an application, and (in default
        configuration) you can access it via the icon on desktop AND
        launcher on top panel (that should be removed too, IMHO)
      * Action: remove it or move in Accessories category as "File
        Manager", using recently added icon in gnome-icon-theme

**Networks Servers**
      * Motivations: it's not an application, it works only if you are
        in a network. IMHO it's totally outplaced in Application menu.
      * Actions: I think this capability should be managed only via
        nautilus, adding a "Network Servers" in Go menu or in
        start-here://. But I don't use a LAN or other network, so I
        don't know what's the best

**KDE Menu**
      * Motivations: I don't think it's a very HIG entry. Besides KDE
        should not have a "GNOME Menu" :-)
      * Actions: move in "Others" category?


Any news about Desktop Preferences? What about add a "Change
Preferences..." entry in Action menu? 

[1] I'm referring to default configuration.

Think bigger

			My uncle

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