Re: [Proposal] Remove some stuff from Application menu

This is all stuff that has been discussed alot in bugzilla
(there is a menu tidyup metabug in the panel bugzilla somewhere)
and it's not likely to be sorted out until 2.5, also it includes
tidying up the cc and integrating the gst.

So I'm only going to briefly reply to each point

> **Home Folder**
>       * Motivations: it's not an application, and (in default
>         configuration) you can access it via the icon on desktop AND
>         launcher on top panel (that should be removed too, IMHO)
>       * Action: remove it or move in Accessories category as "File
>         Manager", using recently added icon in gnome-icon-theme

I think it's important to have avaliable from the menus - just not
from the applications menu. I was thinking that it would be useful
to improve the nautilus go menu and add it to the menu panel like

Go ->
        Home Folder
        Cd Creator
        Floppy Drive
        Dvd Drive
        Cdrom Drive
        Digital Camera

> **Networks Servers**
>       * Motivations: it's not an application, it works only if you are
>         in a network. IMHO it's totally outplaced in Application menu.
>       * Actions: I think this capability should be managed only via
>         nautilus, adding a "Network Servers" in Go menu or in
>         start-here://. But I don't use a LAN or other network, so I
>         don't know what's the best

See above

> **KDE Menu**
>       * Motivations: I don't think it's a very HIG entry. Besides KDE
>         should not have a "GNOME Menu" :-)
>       * Actions: move in "Others" category?

Needs to be properly merged - hopefully this will be accomplished by the
new menu spec from

> Any news about Desktop Preferences? What about add a "Change
> Preferences..." entry in Action menu? 

Bugzilla discussion still ongoing. One idea is to rename Actions
to Desktop and then have Desktop->Preferences

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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