RE: Is the ORBit2 stubs/skels breakage unacceptable?

> From: Jeff Waugh [mailto:jdub perkypants org] 
> So, I would like to determine whether the stubs/skels 
> breakage in ORBit2
> 0.7.x is acceptable, given that ORBit2 is part of the 
> Developer Platform,
> and ought to have API/ABI compat throughout the 2.x series.
> The stubs/skels stuff is a little unclear, because it's not 
> really API or
> ABI breakage, but it does mean that you cannot build software 
> based on 2.0
> and 2.2 on the new ORBit2 without changes to the tarball.
> To me, this not only rings warning bells (paranoid or not), 
> but it seems to
> be against the spirit of the API and ABI guarantees -> surely 
> 'third party'
> software [1] should happily build against newer 2.x 
> platforms, as well as
> being technically API/ABI safe?

I think it's a generic problem with generated sources. In theory the sources
should always be regenerated if the installed generator seems to be of a
newer version. But that's hard to do in Makefiles. (I guess I need to look
at yelp).

Apparently there is absolutely not ABI breakage caused by this change. 

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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