Re: /home/$USER in GConf...

On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 22:22, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Malcolm Tredinnick">
> > By the way, this has already been discussed a couple of times on the
> > gconf list.
> (Yeah, I watch that list too, but it's worth pointing out here where lots of
> GConf users are...)
> > The conclusion was that we needed to do something, particularly for $HOME
> > -- the multiple gnomes in multiple install locations is a more minor
> > point: just pick a version and use it.
> It's not quite that easy - if things start breaking because I log into a
> host that has GNOME installed in /usr/local/gnome, when I'm usually logged
> into a host that has it installed in /usr, that's BAAAAAD. I don't see too
> many problems because often enough I have a ~/garnome and a ~/GARNOME on my
> build box...

But what if you log into a location that has entirely different
resources installed? E.g., different wallpaper images

Anyways, when I do a query for /usr references, it seems to be
mostly wallpaper and a bunch of stuff from old nautilus versions
so perhaps not really worth worth worrying about.


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