Re: Bug reporting [Was: Promoting greater integration between testers!:)]

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> Fromthe GTK+ bug perspective I hate the idea of one more
> step to deal with incoming bug reports ...

You can RESOLVE/WONTFIX an UNCONFIRMED bug, so it won't be an additional
step unless you begin to avoid looking through UNCONFIRMED bugs as part of
your developer-side process.

(Which is unlikely in your case, as triaging is very much a developer-side
process for GTK+, right? It's a more distributable process for GNOME's user
facing products.)

> GTK's bugzilla problem can't be dealt with triaging; since if a bug is
> closed immediately, it's quite frequently a RESOLVED/WONTFIX ... a
> rejected RFE and thus some sort policy decision.

What are the major GTK+ bugzilla problems?

- Jeff

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