Re: GTK+ (Was: Evolution 2.0 and GNOME 2.6)

> Basically you have to tell each Widget to "show" itself. So say I have
> a window, with a button in it. Ideally I
> 1) Create the window
> 2) Create the button
> 3) Put button in window.
> 4) Show the button (**important)
> 5) Show the window.
> Now if the programmer changes steps 4&5, you get that "feeling" of

I doubt that all the GTK+ developers do the same things in their code,
however all gtk windows have the same "flickering"/feeling_of_slowness in
If I test 20 KDE windows and none give me that feeling and then 20 GTK+ ones
and they all do it so, then there is something wrong, either in the gtk
sample code that most programmers will use as base, or the toolkit or
somewhere else. The fact remains, gtk apps "feel" slow (even if they
aren't), and something has to be done, IMHO. Impressions do matter.


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