Re: GTK+ (Was: Evolution 2.0 and GNOME 2.6)

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 19:04, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> I don't need a
> benchmark to prove that the GTK+ application experience *feels* slower than
> the competition's: I have my eyes for that

Neverthless, you know that other people say that they can't see it with
their eyes, so only specific examples are useful.

>  (for example, when I right-click
> on galeon or abiword or *any* other heavy gtk app I can visibly see the
> popup context menu coming up and *then* populating its entries with text -- 
> that's just plain ugly).

That sounds like a galeon bug. Maybe they are showing the menu and then
showing the menu items, instead of showing the menu items and then
showing the menu last. You might investigate that - it's very simple.

Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>

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