Re: Problem with file associations

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 22:49, mike wrote:
> I have a problem for about to weeks with file associations on HEAD
> When I try to open any file (desktop icon, WP file, spreadsheet) I get
> the message (network browsing as an example)
> ----
> There is no action associated with "windows network".
> You can configure GNOME to associate applications with file types. Do
> you want to associate an application with this file type now?
> ----
> Also the desktop files showup as .desktop names and nothing is listed in
> open with.
> Has there been a new module module added that I have missed?

I guess if things were previously working, you have already done this,
but... have you installed the shared-mime-info package from The message you are seeing can be caused by omitting


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