Re: Stricter policy when including BIG modules

Okay, this seems to be overly complicated.  Let me summarize what I think 
this conversation is about:

* Evolution was put in as a list of modules that will be in 2.6
* Danilo sent mail out to translators that Evolution needs to be 
* Evolution was taken off the list because it was deemed not ready.

The problem is that in the scheme of things even though translations to 
evolution is not lost, the work applied to evolution could have been 
applied to core libraries that be needed.  Danilo I think went with 
Evolution at that time instead of the core libraries because of the large 
amount of strings in Evolution.  If you got a big job, do it first and get 
it out of the way.

I think instead of talking about policy and what not; we instead decide 
how we could avoid the situation.  It might simply mean that when talking 
about removing a package that you have a member of the translation team 
involved so that they know whats going on.

Constantly going on and on about this thread seems unhelpful from what I 
can tell.


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