Re: Stricter policy when including BIG modules

Sri Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com> writes:
> The problem is that in the scheme of things even though translations to 
> evolution is not lost, the work applied to evolution could have been 
> applied to core libraries that be needed.  Danilo I think went with 
> Evolution at that time instead of the core libraries because of the large 
> amount of strings in Evolution.  If you got a big job, do it first and get 
> it out of the way.

Well, I didn't actually work on translating Evolution, or rather, I
did work on updating it, but it didn't cause any problems for me  --
it is already translated to Serbian, as well as everything else in
Gnome CVS.  I personally, and through a Serbian team, don't have any
problems meeting deadlines or handling translations (apart from a 560
messages in Gnumeric, which nobody decided to tackle as of yet, but
that's not at all relevant).  As a matter of fact, we have just
started doing QA of translations in all Gnome 2.6 modules, and we're
planning on carrying that on through the string freeze (since
everything is translated already, whether Evolution is in or not).

My concerns were over *other* teams, which may be just starting out.

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