GNOME User Documentation 2.5.0 (IMPORTANT)

GNOME User Documentation 2.5.0

Please read this release announcement if you maintain any component
which links to the GNOME User Guide.

Version 2.5.0 of the GNOME User Documentation has been released.  This
release does not yet have updated content for 2.6.  The only change in
this release is that the GNOME User's Guide is now installed as a single
document, rather than by chapter.

Any links (including Help buttons in applications) which point to the
old wgos* documents should now be updated to point to user-guide.  This
release creates symlinks to user-guide.xml for each wgos* file that was
in previous releases, so links may still work correctly.  However, your
links will only go to the correct location in the document if you are
using an anchor in a URL, or passing a string for the link_id argument
in the gnome_help_display_ functions.

Please, update all links and buttons to the User Guide.

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