Re: GNOME User Documentation 2.5.0 (IMPORTANT)

Hi Shaun,

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 22:37, Shaun McCance wrote:
> GNOME User Documentation 2.5.0
> ==============================
> Please read this release announcement if you maintain any component
> which links to the GNOME User Guide.
> Version 2.5.0 of the GNOME User Documentation has been released.  This
> release does not yet have updated content for 2.6.  The only change in
> this release is that the GNOME User's Guide is now installed as a single
> document, rather than by chapter.
> Any links (including Help buttons in applications) which point to the
> old wgos* documents should now be updated to point to user-guide.  This
> release creates symlinks to user-guide.xml for each wgos* file that was
> in previous releases, so links may still work correctly.  However, your
> links will only go to the correct location in the document if you are
> using an anchor in a URL, or passing a string for the link_id argument
> in the gnome_help_display_ functions.
> Please, update all links and buttons to the User Guide.

	What specifically does "update" mean ? How do I know what to "update"
to ?

	If someone had the time it would probably make sense for that person to
blaze a path across the entire desktop and update all the links in one
go. That way, in two years time we won't still be finding links which
haven't been updated ...


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