Re: Scripting in Gnome

jamie wrote:...

Because Bonobo is equivalent in functionality to COM, I was kinda hoping
a future version of Bonobo would be independent of corba or whatever
underlying mechanism is used so you could use whatever system works best
(obviously everyone will use the fastest and most efficient method
whilst keeping Corba for backwards compatibility). I think there's an
overwhelming case for replacing corba IDL with XML in bonobo if thats
done (XSLT for automatic language bindings would be very handy).

No no no please; the IDL should be the 'normative' definition for interfaces. That's what it was invented for; the fact that we are using "CORBA IDL" is less significant than the fact we're using IDL. The IDL can be compiled to various backends, it doesn't have to be compiled to CORBA stubs/skels.

If you want to replace bonobo's backend, that's fine provided you preserve the advantages of CORBA (network transparency, language-neutrality, ability to connect to other runtimes like Java VMs and Windows). What would really suck would be replacing the interface definition language, since that would break all the code that currently relies on the bonobo techniques generally (i.e. all existing bonobo services and interfaces that aren't part of libbonobo/libbonoboui).

- Bill


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