Re: Default browser.

lör 2004-02-07 klockan 02.21 skrev Curtis C. Hovey:


> You do want to use /desktop/gnome/applications/browser, but
> gnome_url_show is as document handler and we have no way of guaranteeing
> that it is correct.  In the case Firebird, it isn't gnome-aware.  You
> must manually set it up as the default app.  There are instructions
> about how to do it on so it's a common problem.  There was
> also a big discussion about setting the default on the evolution-list
> last summer.

If this is true why does the preferred applications dialog only change

I guess that the preferred applications dialog shouldn't even touch the
url-handlers key then. But I would be very annoyed if it didn't when I
changed there (ie. I don't want to change both my preferred browser and
my http url handler).

My /deskop/applications/browser key is set to mozilla and I can't
remember any program ever using this key (since nothing has started
mozilla on my desktop. There is also no way (that I have found) to set
this key from the control center.

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