Re: Default browser.

On Sat, 2004-02-07 at 16:12, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> lör 2004-02-07 klockan 02.21 skrev Curtis C. Hovey:
> Hi,
> > You do want to use /desktop/gnome/applications/browser, but
> > gnome_url_show is as document handler and we have no way of guaranteeing
> > that it is correct.  In the case Firebird, it isn't gnome-aware.  You
> > must manually set it up as the default app.  There are instructions
> > about how to do it on so it's a common problem.  There was
> > also a big discussion about setting the default on the evolution-list
> > last summer.
> If this is true why does the preferred applications dialog only change
> /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http?

It's behavior has changed since I looked at the code (1.19).  I see now
that it wont even let me set the browser at all.  No doubt this was
changed the protocol is the reason for needing to open another app to
handle a task.

> I guess that the preferred applications dialog shouldn't even touch the
> url-handlers key then. But I would be very annoyed if it didn't when I
> changed there (ie. I don't want to change both my preferred browser and
> my http url handler).

Well yes.  That's how I came to discover the existence of the key.

> My /deskop/applications/browser key is set to mozilla and I can't
> remember any program ever using this key (since nothing has started
> mozilla on my desktop. There is also no way (that I have found) to set
> this key from the control center.

Evolution uses the/deskop/applications/browser key.  I cannot find any
other app using the key.

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