Re: GNOME File Sharing

Remember to store sharing config in /etc/httpd/conf.d instead of
directly in the httpd.conf file, so sharing conf remains independent of
apache conf.

El sáb, 07-02-2004 a las 09:21, ÁlvaroPeña escribió:
> Hi all,
>    I'm working in the file-sharing addon for nautilus in the cvs module
> gnome-sharing. We talk in the gnome-network list about support available
> services in the system, like apache for web-sharing or another web server
> found and running, instead of use or develop a new server that run in user
> mode using > 1024 port, etc.
>    You can check the current work in the cvs (module gnome-sharing), for the
> moment only the apache server is detected, and then the file can be web
> shared. What do you think? Is anyone working in similar something?
> Regards, apg.
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> Álvaro Peña
> Esware Linux
> apg esware com
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