Re: GNOME File Sharing


"ÁlvaroPeña" <apg esware com> wrote:
>    I'm working in the file-sharing addon for nautilus in the cvs module
> gnome-sharing. We talk in the gnome-network list about support available
> services in the system, like apache for web-sharing or another web server
> found and running, instead of use or develop a new server that run in user
> mode using > 1024 port, etc.
>    You can check the current work in the cvs (module gnome-sharing), for the
> moment only the apache server is detected, and then the file can be web
> shared. What do you think? Is anyone working in similar something?

FWIW, I currently _consider_ writing an internet file sharing application
build on top of Gtk+/GNOME-Technologies, and while this is more about
Gnutella-style anonymous file sharing (and also complete vaporware at the
moment!) I at least _thought_ about the possibility of adding something
like a "friends only" option for shared files at some later point in

The design that I have in mind for the application is pretty modular;
therefore, if it's ever written, it shouldn't be a big problem to build
the friends-only file sharing on top of some other already existing
architecture as long as the architecture provides some minimal
functionality (web-sharing using a web server has some limitations over a
more directly controllable solution, but in theory even that should work).

Anyway, the friends-only sharing is only an afterthought and I haven't
decided yet on whether it's really a good idea or not.  It won't have a
high priority for me in the beginning at the very least...

However, should there already be an architecture for peer file sharing in
place at the time this becomes relevant to me, I'd definitely consider
reusing that instead of finding my own solution!


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